Folksy Friday – It’s My Birthday!

Today’s my birthday! So this week’s Folksy Friday is full of things I’d buy myself: Russian Dolls Satchel from Jenny Gale kljhlkhlkh Slate Coffee Table from Free Range Designs khjlkhjjlk Wonderland Silver & Garnet Ring from Sian Bostwick Jewellery lkj;asdfj Ship’s Crew Russian Dolls from hole in my pocket kljhkh Dark Navy Cotton Asymmetric Long […]

two fish illustration

I have a lot of blogs that I try to keep up with and normally fail miserably (how do people have time to blog everyday?), but Two Fish Illustration and Designis easy enough as designer Jacob Souva blogs even less frequently than I do. But in his case it’s definitely quality winning out over quantity. […]

she’s up the tree

We have two cats. They’re sisters with very different personalities. Luka (black & white) is the cleverer one but she’s kinda lazy, definitely greedy and has the longest whiskers and loudest purr ever. Lea (tabby) is the little scaredy cat, she’s very cute and very sweet but unfortunately also very curious. Neither of them go […]