My jack-o-lantern

my pumpkin

I love Halloween. I also apparently love pumpkins. This became apparent when I ran across the high street to claim the pumpkin I’d spied before anyone else could nab it. I needn’t have worried, most people, well adults, in the UK put Halloween down as another over-commercialised holiday. It’s sadly under-rated here and no-one ever understands why I love it.

I can only put it down to childhood memories because I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Halloween (except for carving a pumpkin or two). I remember being fascinated by Halloween when I was little and still in the UK. My brother and I even went trick or treating once and luckily our neighbours were pretty welcoming about it considering we were essentially begging door to door. Then we moved to Houston and found ourselves living in an incredibly cool Halloween subdivision. And I’m not exaggerating even though I’m remembering through nostalgia-coloured glasses. In our subdivision people literally turned their homes into haunted houses. Even the back gardens in some were involved. It was brilliant! Although perhaps a little disappointing when all your candy was taken away in case it had razor blades embedded in it.

So for me that’s what Halloween is all about (well not the razor blade bit) – being a kid and feeling like the world is a little bit magical, even if it’s just for a night. So it makes me really happy to see photos of our nephews in their costumes. It brings it all back and I hope they have as much fun as I did.

So we may be the only house in the neighbourhood with a pumpkin and we may be eating all the non-existent trick or treaters candy ourselves yet again, but I don’t care. I’ll make Jeff watch Nightmare before Christmas for the millionth time and keep the jack-o-lantern burning. Who knows they might even show The Great Pumpkin on TV.

2 thoughts on “My jack-o-lantern

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  2. Halloween is fun! I love the candy. My brothers always tried to get me to trade my good candy for the stuff they didn’t want. I always loved dumping out my loot and looking through it. Ohh, those were good times!

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