Folksy Friday – Gocco

I wanted a gocco machine for ages and I got one two years ago. I think I’ve used it once. Mainly, in all fairness, because I don’t have access to an old-school carbon copier. But it’s still one of my favourite things and finding a way to use it more often is definitely up there […]

losing the facebook popularity contest

A few people have suggested that I create a facebook page for little bulldog design. I’ve finally done it, but it feels a bit like the first day at school. Nobody ‘likes’ me! Nobody actually even knows I’m there! Actually it’s not true that nobody likes me, they have very kindly made it so you […]

new photos

When picking products for my Folksy Friday posts, I’ve been finding myself being a bit particular about photography. This is slightly hypocritical as I really doubt I would choose my own product photos: ;lj;j;j First I thought about just desaturating the background: lkhlkh This helps a bit, but to be up to the standard of […]