Free London: Ice Sculpting Festival

Well we are officially broke, mainly thanks to Mr Tax Man who has decided to leave us penniless. We’ve had a good couple of months finding cheap tickets to various events and shows so we can’t really complain, but as we tend to get cabin fever very swiftly on the weekends and we’re probably going to be broke for a while, it’s time to take advantage of the truly free side of London. Since we’ve had pretty good luck finding interesting things to do (mainly thanks to TimeOut London), I thought I’d start trying to keep track here…

London Ice Sculpting Festival

ice sculpture

We started off yesterday by visiting The Ice Sculpting Festival at the National History Museum (of course we ruined the ‘free’ bit by also going to see the Darwin exhibit, but that was well worth the £17 especially as they gave us free passes to go back as we didn’t finish). It was absolutely freezing but the Ice Sculpting still drew quite a crowd and it was pretty fascinating seeing the ice blocks being slowly transformed. When we went back in the evening they were backlit by purple lights which made the whole place rather magical.

ice sculpture

Next free event we plan to take advantage of: Ukulele Wednesdays. We can’t play, but we can singalong!

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