Folksy Friday – Gocco

I wanted a gocco machine for ages and I got one two years ago. I think I’ve used it once. Mainly, in all fairness, because I don’t have access to an old-school carbon copier. But it’s still one of my favourite things and finding a way to use it more often is definitely up there on my todo list. One day I’ll be able to gocco as well as this (click on the images or shop names for more info):

Vintage Button Gocco Badges from Asking For Trouble


Hoot Owl A6 Notebook from Nell


Blue Hare from deebeale


Matryoshka Gocco Print by Kipi Ka Popo Shop


Brown Owl Gocco Printed Lavender Bag from Inkmeup


Have a Terrierific Birthday – Boston Terrier Card from Forever Foxed

(please click on the images or shop names for more information)

3 thoughts on “Folksy Friday – Gocco

  1. you can buy lovely pens to draw your image with… that’s what i do with mine. Riso carbon pens… look for gocco pens on etsy and you can just skip the photocopy!

    thanks for including my owl!

  2. thank you for the tip, inkmeup. I have actually discovered that I can use printouts from my laser printer. I’m a dummy! Now I just need to save up to buy some more masters!

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