angie lewin

It’s probably pretty obvious to tell that I’m just discovering the wide world of illustration and pattern and I’m sure if anyone other than my family accidentally falls upon this blog they’re probably thinking – yes we knew about that ages ago. But hey, I didn’t and there’s sure to be someone else out there as behind the times as me!

angie lewin

So I thought I’d write a little bit about Angie Lewin who I’m thinking is probably pretty well known but she was the first surface designer whose work I could actually recognise. So I’d feel quite smug pointing out her cards and notebooks in a shop, knowing full well in the back of my head that it was probably a bit like pointing out a Picasso or Warhol – pretty obvious really. But there you go, I’m learning and Angie has a definite distinct style that is very easily recognisable even if you are a bit of a novice.

Angie studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. She works in a range of printmaking techniques including lithography, silkscreen and etching and more recently lino and woodcut and wood engraving. Her designs are mostly botanical and they have a retro feel to them which I think comes from the areas of flat colour. The colours she uses are really beautiful, muted and saturated blues, pinks, yellows and greens.

We’ve got some really lovely card shops on our local high street (Oliver Bonas and Zeitgeist) where I’m pretty sure I had seen Angie’s cards, but it wasn’t until Jeff bought me a couple of her notebooks for Christmas (which I can’t bring myself to use) that I actually knew her name. Since then I’ve found quite a few excuses to buy boxes of her notecards – much cheaper than buying separate cards every time, right?! Next step is obviously prints and textiles, but how to choose…

see more by Angie here –

have a look at Oliver Bonas here –

angie lewinangie lewin

angie lewinangie lewin

angie lewinangie lewin

angie lewinangie lewinangie lewin

One thought on “angie lewin

  1. Just received one of these beautiful cards in the post today, from a friend. I wanted to find out more about the artist Angie Lewin so, thank you for your blog.
    Kind regards,

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