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Hmmm so this is my first ever blog. Seeing as Jeff has gone to all the trouble of making it for me I’m feeling like I should at least give it a go. But as my life probably isn’t all that exciting and we haven’t got any kids as yet and noone else is interested in the antics of our cats, I’m going to use this space mainly to talk about exciting things other people are doing (but you’ll probably get a bit on the cats too).

So the latest cool thing I’ve seen, when everyone else was probably getting another beer, was an advert during half time of the Rugby World Cup last night. It was a Guinness advert called Seconds from Greatness from studio aka:

seconds from greatness seconds from greatness

seconds from greatness seconds from greatness

and being the big geek that I apparently am, I was much more interested in this rugby match than the real one – although I’m really sad England lost, if only for the fact that I’m surrounded by South Africans and will have to hear the gloating for a while.

In the animated match the glowy eyed black team and white team battle it out in what turns out being a pint of Guinness. You can watch two versions of the advert on the studio aka website (or there’s a version on Youtube, . Directed by Marc Craste it has the same dark, surreal feel of his Jojo in the Stars, which won a BAFTA in 2004:

jojo in the stars jojo in the stars

Unfortunately I’ve never seen the full length Jojo in the stars, but the trailer is pretty cool.

Another recent advert from studio aka with the same grungy B&W feel is the BMW Road Monster – not normally one for car adverts (although I do love the one with the dancing car) – this one is brilliant both for its animation and the children’s storybook style narrative. I’m sure the car is probably really nice too.
road monster road monster

studio aka also produced my favourite set of recent adverts. These Lloyds TSB ads are truly uplifting and inspiring, which is pretty incredible for the financial world. Yes they definitely do make me want to switch to Lloyds. If you haven’t seen them go and watch them – For the Journey, Mortgages, Save the change or they’re all on the website – they’ll definitely make you smile.

for the journey mortgages

phoenix save the change

I’m realising I could go on for days just about Studio aka adverts so it’s probably better just to let you go look for yourself, but definitely also check out Camelot The Big Win and the Studio Soi collection. Have fun!

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