look what you can find by scavenging

I was looking through my ever increasing collection of scavenged things when I found some really lovely business cards by illustration students and graduates. They’re great not only because they show off their artistic talent, but also because they have yet to be properly chewed up and spat out by the mass-produced, bash-it-out, we all look the same corporate world (sorry do I sound disenchanted?).

I’ve got loads of these lovely cards, but I picked out a few of my favourites and did a bit of searching on the web to see what else they’ve been getting up to.


My favourite is definitely the one by Rosie Parfitt. Her card features the first two images below on the front and the third on the back

Rosie Parfitt illustration Rosie Parfitt illustration Rosie Parfitt illustration
Evil Von Weevil and the Sneaky Weevil gang – brilliant! Unfortunately I could only find Rosie on the Swansea BA Illustration website – StopLookListen, but I’m hoping to see more of the weevils soon.


The best find came from searching Nadia Sparham whose website is just as cool as her business card – the little bird flies around a town of patterns and it seems there’s nothing Nadia can’t do, and well.

Nadia Sparham business card Nadia Sparham website

Nadia is a self-described designer/maker and she produces beautiful upholstery and ceramics as well as illustrations and murals.

Nadia Sparham cushionNadia Sparham ceramics

Nadia Sparham ceramics Nadia Sparham cushion


Another card that caught my eye, and not just because I love the majestic moose, is by Rhona Breeze. The first image here is the front of her business card and the other is from her website – it’s definitely worth a visit, she’s already had a couple of commissions and has done some lovely illustrations for an Orange competition (again a bit partial to the moose).

Rhona Breeze bcard Rhona Breeze illustration


And finally (although not last – I have loads of other great cards, but just haven’t had time to look up all the illustrators/designers behind them, but I’ve put the rest up on Flickr) is Nathalie Oger. In her website portfolio she also shows paintings and 3-D modelling, but I like her illustrations the best. According to her website Nathalie is currently working on a leaflet for children on ways to save the planet.

Nathalie Oger illustration Nathalie Oger illustration

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