charlotte hardy

charlotte hardy

Ever since I started working freelance about a year and a half ago, I’ve been having an extended “you know, I think I used to be quite creative and artistic” moment. So I’ve gone on a long-term journey to rediscover my long hidden drawing and creating abilities.

My first step on this relearning process was a three evening course at CityLit called “Drawing for Textiles”. I had no idea what to expect but was incredibly excited to walk into a room full of easels and sticks and paint and to meet my tutor, Charlotte Hardy. The three evenings were not nearly enough, but I came away with a new lease on life and remembering all the reasons I did an art degree years ago. And it was so nice to have paint encrusted under my fingernails rather than computer lint. And a wonderful feeling of  “I can make anything I want, anything!”

I’ve taken longer printmaking and drawing courses at CityLit since then – and they were both brilliant, but last week I did another 4 evening textiles course. I walked in on the first night and was really thrilled to see that there had been a change in tutors and I was back with Charlotte again.

Charlotte is an absolutely brilliant teacher, she has a way of encouraging you with your strengths without making you feel badly about the things you’re not so good at. But she’s not just a teacher she’s also an talented professional artist. Having met with her a few times now I can really see her lighthearted, honest personality in her designs.

charlotte hardy

There’s something really lovely about the way she takes everyday things and gives them a presence so you feel like you’re looking at your granny’s favourite things and all the memories that go along with them. I’m off to see Charlotte at the Urban Art Fair in Brixton. It will be really nice to see some of her work in person although unfortunately I can’t afford to buy anything today.

charlotte hardy

charlotte hardy

I think I’ll definitely be taking Charlotte’s drawing class again this year

see more of Charlotte’s work here –

find out more about CityLit here –

for more on the Urban Art Fair –

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