fish for aunties and mice for skittles

felt fish - big head felt fish

felt fish

So I’ve been making fish for aunties. Scottish aunties, but not mine. These fish were made for my friend Jenny’s aunties and mum. They all fell in love with a little felt fish that I had made for Jenny for her hen do. So when the grand Scottish wedding finally rolled around, I turned up with a handbag stuffed with felt fish much to the amusement of everyone who hadn’t been at the hen do. There was a bit of an overall impression that I was a bit mad, but it was all worthwhile when the aunties came running over one by one to get their fish and ran off giggling like school girls, pushing children out the way. Needless to say, I am now known as Mrs Fish…

mice skittles mice skittles

mice skittles mice skittles

So then more recently I’ve turned my hand to mice. Mice skittles to be exact. It took a good 5 times of saying that before Jeff had any clue what I was on about – “I’m going to make mice skittles” “What?” “Mice skittles” “What?!”… actually I think I had to show him a picture in the end. I made two sets of mice skittles for two little newly one-year olds. One for our little nephew Jude (hopefully they’ll arrive in time) and one for my friend Teresa’s daughter Rosie. I also made “cat” balls but I wasn’t too impressed with those so they’ve been replaced in the photos with real cats.

Both of the cats were very interested in the mice skittles. I assume this is because they’re so realistic…? Thank god they never saw the fish

The fish I made from The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo and the mice skittles from Toys to Sew by Clare Garland.

cute booktoys to sew

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