hooray little bulldog is here!!

Yeay my work website is finally up! www.littlebulldog.co.uk thanks to Jeff. And we didn’t even really have that many fights over it. It doesn’t have all my work on it. Mainly because I can’t put up any of the stuff I’ve been working on for the past couple of months because it’s still ongoing. Secondly because Getty have been suing anyone who even accidentally puts up one of their images without a license. Alot of my work is concept stuff so you use comp images to show the client until they decide what they want to do and then you purchase the ones they want to use. So some of my work still has these comp images in them and I’m sure some of them will be from Getty. Scary stuff – apparently they’re suing people who have images on their websites that they got from Google images without realising they were Getty ones with the watermarks taken off. If you’re worried search “Getty Letter” on Google and you should get a few links. Although they’re trying to get people to pay thousands of pounds even if they do take the images down, it doesn’t look like anyone has paid or been taken to court. Scary anyway though.

But anyway, back to little bulldog – the home page will change every now and then and I’m planning on using different images/illustrations of the dog but for now I still really like the one that’s up.

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