tooting baby

When I restarted this blog, as well as talking about design and craft I had also had it in my mind to post about local activities for families, parents and babies etc. But somehow time has got the better of me and I think I only ever did it once. Well lucky for me and all the other Tooting mums, dads and carers, another (more productive) mum has saved me the trouble – – a brilliant resource for anyone with a small child in the area.

I have been very blessed with a brilliant NCT group and there’s pretty much not a day that has gone by since our babies were born almost a year ago when we haven’t passed several emails and although we meet up quite regularly, it’s always a bit of a production finding a day and place everyone can make. So having another little group of local mums is brilliant. There’s always someone on the common or heading down to a playgroup or just up for a cup of tea. But it took a while to find them, because it took a while to find the playgroups and children’s centres. It was a bit of a word of mouth thing with people recommending different things and then you start realising that the mum you know from one group knows the mum you know from another group because they do something else together etc. So if you’re feeling a bit stuck at home with a little one and you’re in the Tooting area have a look at the website and don’t be shy, we’re all in the same boat after all.

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