(can’t believe it’s already time for another) Folksy Friday – cheeeeeese

How is it already Friday? Is it really Friday? I’m pretty sure it’s Friday so here’s my Folksy Friday. This week it’s all about cheese. We love cheese in our house. I am particularly amazed that someone has created a card that actually says exactly what Jeff and I say to each other pretty much on a daily basis. George is fitting in well. Yesterday all he would eat for dinner was a nice vintage cheddar, some Carr’s water biscuits and grapes. Pretty classy for a 10 month old.

Red I Love You More Than Cheese Card from Storeyshop


Grain Chopping Board from Lee Borthwick


Say Cheese Camera Case from KraftyKorner


Enid Mouse (the cheese is in her bag!) from Mia Design


Cheese Board from Woodturning Craft

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