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I went to the Urban Art Fair in Brixton yesterday to see Charlotte Hardy’s work. It was lovely to see her work up close and really nice to talk to her about her own work as I’ve only known her as a tutor where she’s either been discussing our work or other artists. I only wish I had some spare funds to buy one of her pieces.
I had a wander up Josephine Avenue to see what else was on display and found loads of really talented printmakers and artists. Just a quick run down of some of my favourites:


Katarina F Jones

katarina f jones

katarina f jones

I’m not very good at talking to people at these things, but I had a quick word with Katarina about her work. It’s really eyecatching. Each print shows a captured world with something almost glowing. The light she’s managed to create in the prints is incredible. It’s as if there is a torch being shone through them. She told me that some people find them spooky, but I didn’t at all, they felt very safe – like sitting within the glow of a campfire.

see more – www.katherine-jones.co.uk


Staffan Gnosspelius

staffan gnosspelius

staffan gnosspelius

Alot of the prints that Staffan was showing at the fair were of foxes and rabbits in very storybook settings. They really reminded me of Brer Rabbit,one of my favourite storybook characters when I was a child, and I really expected the artist to be a wise old man with twinkly eyes. But no Staffan appeared to be a twentysomething Swedish young man, although I’m sure he probably had alot of wisdom and a bit of a twinkle had I been brave enough to talk to him. He must have had about 30 or 40 prints up and each one managed to capture an entire narrative in what was sometimes only a few lines and strokes. My favourite was of a solitary rabbit looking off into the distance. I couldn’t find a good image of that to put here but you can see it on his website (address below).

see more – www.gnosspelius.com or artswitch.com


David Pepper

david pepper

I couldn’t find David Pepper on t’ inter-telly, but here’s a tiny thumbnail that doesn’t do any justice at all to his actual work. I found it on the Streatham Artists website which makes him a local and it looks like they’re having an open house in September so will be well worth a visit just to see his works again. To steal their description:

“David creates these liquid like images using multi-layers of paint and varnish on a traditional gesso ground. These dream like paintings play on an ideal of beauty, creating a new vision as seen by the artist.”

He had about 6 or 8 of these panels in a row and each one had the most beautiful blue ‘blobs’ on them which he had created from paint and what looked like oil. It wasn’t just that he’d managed to make all of them my absolutely favourite shade of blue but there was something very delicate and organic about them.

find out more – Streatham Artists


Emiko Aida

emiko aida

emiko aida emiko aida

I absolutely loved every single one of Emiko’s prints. The colours and the detailed line drawings were beautiful. To quote from her website which says it all:

Her works are the visual equivalent of the Haiku, the Japanese 17 syllable verse. She invites the viewer to use their imagination and engage with her imagery: dew, raindrops, rainstorms and rain-drenched flowers.

see more – www.aidastudios.com


Lene Bladbjerg

lene bladbjerg

lene bladbjerg

Lene’s work was quite striking and I wasn’t surprised to read on her website that she studied graphic design. Her paintings and prints have a really pleasing order and composition to them. She does a lot of work with handlettering which is something I really love. She also managed to create beautiful compositions from razor blades!

see more – www.lenebladbjerg.com


Martin Grover

martin grover

martin grover

The colours of Martin Grover’s work first caught my eye and then you get drawn into the detail and reading the little anecdotes and messages everywhere. To quote his website:

His screenprints offer little paeans to iconic traffic signs, bus stops, buses, and to destinations or states of mind reached and those elusive ones so often glimpsed or imagined but always tantilisingly just out of reach.

His paintings of record sleeves are brilliant also for their colour and lovely type.

see more – www.martingrover.com


Well I didn’t really do any of them much justice but this would end up being a coffee table book if I went on any more so please have a look at more of their work on the links above and also a full list of the exhibitors at the Urban Art Fair on their website:

Urban Art Fair – www.urbanart.co.uk

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  1. Came across this page completely by accident. Always nice to know someone appreciates ones work. thought you might like to know I have a website now (see above) which although a work-in-progress does have some images on it. DAVID

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