yeay! he likes them!

So my mice skittles and kitty ball seem to have been a big success. Here’s my nephew Jude playing with his kitty ball

jude and skittles

Apparently the ball was a hit because he really likes balls right now. I seem to remember one of our other nephews Toby going through a ball phase. Too bad I hadn’t discovered the joys of little felt critters back then.

I also made a set of skittles for my friend’s little girl Rosie and funnily she loves the mice and isn’t so in to the ball. She apparently likes putting them in different places around the house. So I think Rosie and Jude would probably play really well together – no squabbling over who gets the ball.

Hmmm I’m thinking I’m going to have to start on Christmas a bit sooner this year. What to make?

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