she kinda grew on me

pink bear

I was attempting to make a stripey elephant for my friend’s new baby girl. Halfway in I realised I was attempting a bit more than I could handle in the time that I had and I had obviously picked the wrong kind of fabric. So the elephant went into the pile of half finished projects and I ended up with a couple of hours to figure out something else. So I fell back on the trusty felt animal book and decided to make a bear with some really nice thick handmade felt from Paperchase. I’m not very good at actually using the patterns in the book and tend to freewheel a bit. Well with this one I freewheeled quite a lot and she ended up with a funny little head and a really long body. As I was finishing up I started thinking that I couldn’t possibly give this thing to anyone. Jeff thought she was cute. Me, not so much, but I decided to sleep on it (not literally).

So the next morning I looked at her and you know she had kind of grown on me. So she wasn’t perfect and she was a bit mis-shapen and strange but you certainly couldn’t say she didn’t have personality or that she wasn’t unique. So I decided to give her to Tilly after all. And as we were taking the tube to meet them, the little bear grew on me more and more because perfect things can actually be pretty boring. It’s like our little garden which I love more and more. It’s definitely not landscaped and definitely not manicured but it’s full of colour and things that are probably classified as weeds and the birds and bees and neighbourhood cats and foxes love it.

When I gave Tilly’s mum the bear she loved it. And she even asked me a little later with a bit of concern if I would be able to make another one if it turned out to be Tilly’s favourite toy and something happened to it. Sure I can and hopefully that one will be just as strange.

pink bear

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