we like kohl rabi


We’ve been getting an organic veggie box for a couple of years now and apart from the endless leek and greens season I love it. I do really love leeks (not so sure about the greens) but there’s a limit to how many you can eat. Anyway the veggie box gives me an enjoyable challenge of figuring out what to do with all the vegetables before the next one arrives and sometimes I actually have to figure out what the vegetables are.

Last week we got a really strange looking thing that turned out to be a kohl rabi. Luckily it came with a recipe for kohl rabi and peanut stirfry which we had for dinner last night (and leftovers for lunch). It was really good – the kohl rabi is kind of a cross between cabbage and apples. Sounds weird, but definitely worth trying. Now I have to figure out what to do with the thing that looks like a garlic bulb with a big stalk coming out of it…

2 thoughts on “we like kohl rabi

  1. Sounds weird but we do eat “Kohlrabi” once or twice a week in Germany. You have to try it fried with olive oil or with a creamy sauce with a dazzle of lemon juice, fresh white pepper and salt. Enjoy it, nordfischbaby

    P.S. We do it raw once in a while – kids love it 😉

  2. thanks for the tips nordfischbaby. I’m still waiting for another kohlrabi to turn up in our veggie box (might have to wait another year!) so I can try your recipes.

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