new cards and jewellery for the new year

Happy New Year! Well I’m nowhere near finished making Christmas presents, whoops, but I have done a few that I’m pretty happy with that are now up on my Etsy site as new products. I’ve discovered that sewing machines are not for fabric alone but they’re (or at least mine) very tempermental machines. So although I’m really happy with the results there was quite a bit of “what’s wrong with it now?” and “I don’t understand” going on. But here’s some of the results, and you can see the rest on Etsy.

elephant notebookstripes and flower cardbirthday presents cardnew home card

They’ll soon be a new page on here which will be dedicated to the bits and pieces I’m selling on Etsy. Speaking of selling on Etsy, my year started off very well thanks to Duck for buying one of my bracelets. Yeay, she was my first customer and it was very exciting and gave me a bit of a push towards getting back into my Etsy page! So if you happen to read this Duck, thanks again 🙂

I should hopefully have some more new designs up next week once I’ve finished up presents for Ingrid, Bonnie, and Letitia. I’ve also got something up my sleeve for young Jude, but I might be being a bit ambitious, we’ll have to wait and see!

2 thoughts on “new cards and jewellery for the new year

  1. You are so good. I have to admit I am a bit jealous of your creativity. You make some really cool looking things!
    You have me wondering what you have going on for Jude…hmmmmmm!

  2. well I’ve ended up making one thing, but it’s more for you & Patrick rather than Jude cause he’ll be a bit small for it. and I’m going to do some for Toby & Jonah too. but the one that’s a bit ambitious will probably miss the “Christmas” mailing and get sent on a bit later. Hmmm what could it be?!

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