multi-tasking and following tangents

little bearHere’s what I did last night while watching Spooks and distracting the dog with a squeaky ball during the fifth night of fireworks. So you see it is possible to throw a squeaky ball, follow an increasingly convoluted terrorist plotline and make a very amateur stuffed bear. Don’t look too closely because I sewed his head on wrong – can’t blame that on Spooks, that happened during the very edited version of Helvetica shown on BBC1. Who’d have thought they’d show a program about a typeface on mainstream TV? Well done Gary Hustwit. Not only did you make a brilliant film but you’ve given me a great transition away from a stuffed bear and onto typography.

Helvetica letter pressErik Spiekermann

Michael Bieruthelvetica

The BBC Imagine version missed out quite a lot of the original but still had most of the funniest bits (yes really!) from Erik Spiekermann (top right – very funny German, yes really!) and Micheal Bierut (bottom left – very sarcastic New Yorker, what really?).

We saw the full Helvetica film a month or so ago at the Design Museum. Although it’s not the best venue for watching a film (basically projected on a wall) that was made up for by a pretty interesting panel of guests afterwards – Jonathan Barnbrook (who we seem to be stalking), Matthew Carter and Gary Hustwit. It was a pretty interesting discussion with all three having very different views = Barnbrook – very anti-Helvetica, Carter – very pro-Helvetica from a craftsman’s point of view, and Hustwit – just very very excited about everything in general! Who would’ve thought a typeface could be so controversial!

But I’m supposed to be keeping this kind of stuff for my designy blog once Little Bulldog is up and running – hmm should be doing that rather than this really – so I’ll probably have a proper babble about Helvetica once that’s up. So back to the amateur bear (not such a good transition this time). He was made from The Cute Book from Aranzi Aronzo which Jeff gave me for my birthday

The Cute Book

So far the bear is the first to come to life, but watch out come Christmas! So friends and family, any preferences, let me know because you know you’re getting one (don’t worry I’ll learn how to sew on heads by then). Jeff’s already ordered a monkey surprisingly – but there’s everything from squirrels to aliens.

I wonder how Erik Spiekermann would feel about featuring in the same blog as a stuffed bear… Well at least I didn’t use Helvetica.

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